Why Choose GrID+M?

Why Choose GrID+M?

Below are a few to mention reasons why you should choose GrID+M Consultant Ltd.

1. We are a One-Stop Shop

GrID+M Consultant Ltd. is a one-stop professional shop for providing total qualitative and cost effective Building solution to a discerning clientele.

2. We have the experience and expertise

We believe that quality must be measureable. We believe that quality? must be epitomized in the materials and workmanship. With over 50 years of experience in the industry we have acquired the knowledge from various building projects ranging from new homes to large and small renovations, kitchens and bathrooms, and light commercial project. Our staff who are hand picked have experience across a range of disciplines enabling us to complete projects on time and to budget.

At GrID+M Consultant Ltd., you can be sure that we will exceed your expectation with our various experience and expertise in the industry.

3. We are on Time, on Budget and give good Assurance.

We mean what we say and say what we mean and yes, you read that right. Our vow is that we will complete your project on time with the given budget. This is backed by our guarantee.


We do not only pay attention to details in our building work, but also to all project management as well.? We are a passionate company with easy-to-work-with staff focused on delivering what you. We pride ourselves in providing you the high quality service.

4. We are a Licensed Practioner

GrID+M Consultant Ltd. is a ‘Licensed Practioner’.


We are a registered member with Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) and a member of Nigerian Institute of Management.

5. High Workmanship Guarantee

Our internal processes ensures peroidic quality checks are performed at each stage of any project we undertake to ensure that the project meets to our own high quality standards and other regulatory standards.


Having these processes in place means we can offer you our “Gold Guarantee” for 24 months. In the unlikely event any faults are found in workmanship within this period they will be taken care of.

6. Project Management

Each of our clients are as unique as their project and therefore, we at GrID+M Consultant Ltd. offer each client a package that is unique to their project and service specification.


The intensity of client involvement can vary depending on lifestyles and location of the project site. At GrID+M Consultant Ltd., we cater for your needs. Some clients want to be a part of the building process while others would prefer to have the hands off approach.


With GrID+M Consultant Ltd. the choice is yours; we are available to take care of the subcontractors, like plumbers, electricians, painters etc., depending on your requirements.

7. Quality Control

Quality control is not a special department or section in the company but rather is a measure we include at every stage of project management to ensure conformity with international stands.

8. Customer Satisfaction is our Goal

We are have been very privileged and proud to be involved in many building projects results of which can be seen in our photo gallery and testimonials from satisfied customers.


Our believe is that you are as good as your last job. Our work history shows that 90% of our work comes from referrals of satisfied customers. This is the best compliment GrID+M Consultant Ltd. could receive and the results can be easily verified in our testimonials and photo gallery.